Felix like the Cat
Anonymous whispered:
happy birthday beautiful! xx

thankyou dearest! xox


Cui Fei - Manuscript of Nature V (2002)

Anonymous whispered:
Where have you gone? :(

Hello I’m so sorry! I’ll be back properly as soon as I can. Took a little break from work and everything this last week and went on a little trip to a place that has NO WIFI, which may sound like a nightmare but it was actually really nice and probably good for me.. Aaand since being back I’ve been celebrating Passover and then worked a 14 hour shift today.. I will be back to blogging soon when things are I little less hectic. And to those who have messaged me, I will reply soon, very sorry!

i am treating myself today. i don’t care how much weight i’ll put on anymore. i’m having cake and custard and peaches and ice cream and chocolate mousse. sometimes you just have to be kind to yourself and give your body what it wants. i feel wonderful.

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