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Marchesa Spring/Summer 2015 Beauty Details, LFW.


giveaway time!!

I’m moving and just trying to throw out some clutter, figured you guys would want some?

giveaway rules:

-mbf me
-reblogs only, likes can bookmark
-if you promo my URL on your blog I’ll enter you multiple times
-ends Oct 31, I’ll message the winner at midnight EST
-winner is random
-enter as much as u want don’t spam tho
-no giveaway/side blogs (do ppl really do this?)
-50 notes or I’ll pretend it didn’t happen
-don’t delete text please and thank u

-if you live near me I’ll throw in some succulents- I just don’t want them to die while being shipped so yeah
I’ll ship anywhere though


-wrapped quartz pendants, one 5 inch agate slice, some mini agate slices, amethyst, geodes, citrine, bloodstone jar
-various necklaces
-Olympus camera… doesn’t have film but it still works fine.
-vanilla incense, incense holder thingie
-“this is water” by David foster Wallace, which is my favorite book but I have 2 copies, “patterns in the sky” book
-the Beatles magical mystery tour collectible mug (unused)

Anonymous whispered:
do you have a pic of you and your new man? x

no sorry i don’t! we live really far apart and only see each other once a week. when there’s a nice photo of us though (and if he’s ok with it) i’ll post it


you keep saying “we’re all human” but all i hear is “i want to completely ignore institutionalised oppression and shut my eyes and pretend everyone is treated equally to escape the guilt of the numerous privileges i’m afforded”


"we’d like to get your blessing"


"we’d like to get your blessing"

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